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What's in a domain name? Many businesses have been successful just because of their name,
and many have failed for lack of a memorable name that's easy to spell.

Don't be afaid to pay for a good name, it will payoff in the long run.
Most people will spend a lot of money on web site design, get good hosting and
then cheap out on there name.

If your domain name has the keywords that your potential clients are searching for,
then that will help you get a little more traffic with most search engines.

Check out these 6 domain portfolios on


Portfolio 11 Graphene .CO.UK Product Domains

starting price $1

Age: 3 years old.,,,,

6 more...

The Wonder Material is out of the lab and in production world wide. Many products are on the market.


Portfolio 37 MEMS .com Product Domains

starting price $500

Age: from 2 to 7 years old













25 more domains...

MEMS will play a significant part in the Internet of Things. Every
electronic device will have MEMS chips, even our clothes will
have sensors.

Portfolio 11 Health Domains .com

Age: from 6 to 16 years old. - 06/23/2009","06/23/2016 - 07/10/2009","07/10/2016 - "06/30/2000","06/30/2016 - 05/15/2006","05/15/2016 - 05/14/2006","05/14/2016
- 05/15/2006","05/15/2016 - 05/15/2006","05/15/2016 - 06/30/2000","06/30/2016 - 08/08/2009","08/08/2016

HAIRCOMBLASER.COM -9/21/2007","09/21/2016

TREATMENTFUNGUS.COM - 07/20/2009","07/20/2016



Portfolio 10 Solar and Energy Domains .com - 12/25/2012","12/25/2016 -
10/14/2011","10/14/2016 - 08/04/2011","08/04/201 - 03/13/2012","03/13/2016 - 05/17/2012","05/17/2016 - 08/04/2012","08/04/2016 - 10/22/2011","10/22/2016 - 10/22/2011","10/22/2016 - 11/26/2012","11/26/2016 - 11/26/2012","11/26/2016


Portfolio 8 Electronics .coms

3DLASERPROJECTOR.COM - 11/11/2009","11/11/2016 - 12/31/2010","12/31/2016 - 12/18/2014","12/18/2016 - 12/11/2009","12/11/2016 - 09/16/2009","09/16/2016 - 06/08/2010","06/08/2016 - 06/08/2010","06/08/2016 - 7/23/2013","07/23/2016


Portfolio 9 Laser Dentistry domains.

All domain names 7 years old

These either had or have web sites.

LASERDENTISTBOSTON.COM - 10/04/2009","10/04/2016

LASERDENTISTHOUSTON.COM - 10/04/2009","10/04/2016

LASERDENTISTRYCHICAGO.COM - 10/21/2009","10/21/2016

LASERDENTISTRYDALLAS.COM - 10/21/2009","10/21/2016

LASERDENTISTRYNYC.COM - 10/24/2009","10/24/2016

LASERDENTISTRYSANJOSE.COM - 10/21/2009","10/21/2016

LASERDENTISTSANDIEGO.COM - 10/04/2009","10/04/2016

NYCLASERDENTISTS.COM - 10/24/2009","10/24/2016

LALASERDENTISTRY.COM - 10/24/2009","10/24/2016

These would make a powerful ring of low competition, high PPC sites.
then sell to end users.


I will be posting more Flippa auctions as I make them.



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